23 agosto 2005

My own death

This is not the first time. Something happens to me. Something bad. Should I feel sad about myself? Should I feel any pity? I feel somehow happy instead, of course not about me. It's all about you. You found something. What is it? Is it your life? Maybe.
A couple weeks. Weakened I am. How do you feel about me? I don't think you even feel something, am I right? My memories strike my mind randomly. None of them appears more than other. Am I being slowly killed? Maybe.
A little bit of hate. Against who? I don't really know. Perhaps you, or me. Definitely we're not so different. I could stop feeling pain by killing one of us. Where does this endless source of sharp blades that don't let me sleep come from?. You had to start it all again. Are you happy now? Maybe.
Empathy. Do you even know the concept?
I fall asleep. I hope i won't wake up again.

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

de onde sacaches iso?

El Tío Rubo dijo...

non o sakei de ningún lado.
saliume así

Anónimo dijo...

pues mola